Love Actually Academy

Date, Love, Marry

(& Breakup)...


The Proven Strategy to Find Love. 

For Real this time.


...Because you want more.

It's your turn. And it’s your time! Because you are worthy of love- for yourself, from another, and for another.

You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled, and like you have a purpose in life that’s more than your work, friends, fun, or family. 

As a graduate of the Love Actually Academy, you will discover the confidence in yourself, the swagger, the little glint in your eye and knowing side smile… and you will be ready to get out there and truly SHOW UP as your best, most authentic, cool, calm, joyful, and on purpose self.

You will be attractive and attracting.

You will be magnetic and you will be able to pull in and fully feel and experience whatever positive abundance you are so craving. 

And until you’ve got this, I’ve got you.

Because here's the thing... when something isn’t working and you don’t know how to fix it, well… in all other area of your life, you find someone to help- whether it’s a tutor, sports coach, teacher, or mentor, it’s totally acceptable to seek guidance, instruction, and insight into how to do things better. 

Your love life is no different. 

That’s why I’m here. 

And that’s why you’re here.  

For only $197.

That's compared to the minimum of $2500 that my clients pay me. 


Yes... it's a lot of money. But remember what brought you here in the first place. Remember how you felt. Remember the frustration. Don't forget the hurt and heartache. 

Isn't enough, enough? 

Unsatisfied? Stuck? Missing Something?

There's nothing wrong with YOU.

There IS something wrong with what you are DOING.

Maybe you’re tired of being told that you’re “so great, but something is missing”?

Or maybe you’re repeatedly ghosted, friend-zoned, or simply ignored.

Are you getting over a painful heartbreak, you may have lost yourself… and you don’t know who you are anymore, you don’t know what you need, what makes you smile, or what you have to offer.

Or you are recently or enduringly single and dating is intimidating, confusing, and you have no idea what to do, but what you DO know is that you don’t want to feel alone anymore.

Or maybe you have no problem attracting in people, but they are the WRONG people and you’re ready to find your right.

Or… you ARE in a relationship, and it’s stale, boring, toxic, or it might feel like it’s broken.

You could be trying to decide if you should take that next step- getting engaged, getting married, or breaking up… and you need some reassurance that you’re making the right move, and help to get over the hurdle in front of you. 

If any of that resonates with you… you are in the right place.  

Stop ruminating. Stop overthinking this. It’s your overthinking that ultimately derails, sabotages, and keeps you stuck. 

There was a reason that you stopped your life for a moment to listen to this. That’s called insight. Insight is your truest and deepest subconscious knowing. It’s what your know you need to do- something without consciously knowing it since your derailing thoughts are silencing your truest truth and needs. Insight is what instigates change. But only if you run with that insight and you take action. SO, take action. NOW. 

Here's What Will Happen...

This Academy is broken up into 3 Modules: Connect, Catch, Continue, each with 10-20 lessons, plus Bonuses.

The lessons are specifically and strategically presented in video format in an order that is designed to build on itself and help you discover, rediscover, define, redefine, or reclaim your self, know and have confidence in your needs, understand how to best to communicate, get your power back, find your swagger and sexiness, get out there, and truly SHOW UP as your best, most authentic, cool, calm, joyful, and on purpose self. AND, if you need, how to breakup, get over a breakup and move on, PLUS how to online date, what EXACTLY to text, and how to improve your outcomes, ALL outcomes- in love and life. 

This video course also has a handbook that will expand on some of my talking points, lay out at home exercises to deeper your experience, and give you the words to say for situations in life that might be intimidating, confusing, and tricky. Your handbook is also your journal to take notes and write down the important points that you want to remember.

But I have to be honest with you... it’s going to take some hard work to get there. I'm loving and tender. I’m also tough. I get pissed off and excited and turned on and turned up and I raised my voice and flap my arms and make crazy ass faces… Because this Means something to me… YOU mean something to me. And I am ALSO frustrated that you aren’t happy. I am here With you AND For you to help you to CHANGE and Be better and get Better results. I’m going to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to try new things that feel scary, awkward, or even ridiculous. I am going to challenge the norms and screw the rules… because Norms and Rules aren’t working! 


42 videos

+4 bonus videos

194-page workbook

7+ hours of video content including:

- Catch
- Connect
- Continue

- Bonuses (like breaking up and what EXACTLY to say to start, continue, expand, and even end a conversation)


By the end of this course you will be able to exhale. Which might not be what you THINK you want, but it’s honestly and deeply what you need. Exhale into joy, exhale into trust, exhale into TRUE excitement without fear of the other shoe dropping, breaking the egg shells, or having to hold your breath. You will have more than confidence, you will have certainty about who you are, what you need, how you show up, what you bring, what you’re worth, what you deserve, and how to say and get everything that you want. You will feel like you are wielding this great power… and you are. Just… be careful, because you will become EXTREMELY powerful. 

I’m not kidding. 

So use it wisely. 

Just wait… you’ll see. 

Are you Ready to be the Priority?

Now, you have a choice. Are you ready to make significant, deep, real, lasting change in your life? Be honest with yourself, are you ready to be loved- by yourself and others- for who you TRULY are. Are you ready to show up, be seen, and be appreciated, valued, and FINALLY be the priority? If the answer is YES, then it’s time for you to make the commitment to yourself. It’s time for you to STOP PUTTING OFF your happiness. If you’re really ready to be the priority, then BE THE PRIORITY NOW. Stop making excuses, stop putting your work, your friends, your family, your new shoes, your daily $3 a cup coffee, your $50 weekend drinks, your unnecessary expenses, your excuses, excuses, excuses… in front of your SELF worth, your happiness, your future, your LIFE! I know that I wouldn’t want to waste another day, week, month, year, 5 years of my life… waiting for the right time. I would want to start the work, start the process, and start to feel happy and loved right now. But that’s because I now know that I’m worth it. Because I have done the work. Have you? Are you ready? Are you worth it? You are. You ARE worth it. You are. You are worthy. You are deserving. And it’s time for you to be the priority, too.

I know… you might be thinking, but what if it doesn’t work for me?

But I’ve tried everything and keep coming up with the same results- failure.

But I’m not as interesting, attractive, experienced, as you or your clients…

But I want to lose weight, get happy, get a better job… first.

I’m not quite ready…

I’m scared.

I’m too old, overweight, damaged, for anyone to want me anyway.

It’s not me, it’s them.

It’s not me, it’s my city, and I can’t move, so I guess I’ll just keep being single.

I always sabotage myself, so why spend money on something that I know I’m going to screw up…

OK…. Do you know the truth about WHY you’re ACTUALLY single, unhappy, alone, feel alone, or continue to fail…? BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE ANY OR ALL OF WHAT I JUST SAID!

If you think it, believe it, act it, and live it… you’ll be right. It’s time to change your thoughts, change your mind, change your heart, change your actions, change your associations… CHANGE, YOUR, OUTCOME!

Let’s get started.


NOW I'm Ready

Here are the Details...

So this is what’s going to happen… Once you click “YES! Sign me up!” You will be taken into the Academy. Each course is designed specifically to help you to activate change, starting within yourself, then bleeding out to your relationships. If there are sections that you don’t think you need or don’t pertain to you, then skip them if you’d like. But I’m willing to bet that each of the sections, even if they don’t specifically address your needs, will have valuable information that you will be able to use in your life. If there is an area in your life that needs immediate attention, like right now, and one of the courses directly addresses that life need, then skip to it, and go back to the other courses later. Just remember, that since this is a progressive academy, each lesson builds on the last, so if you skip too far ahead, there might be strategies that I reference that you don’t understand since I explained them earlier. But you will still benefit no matter where you start. 

You will also get an extensive workbook with expanded strategies, exercises, and opportunities to go deeper into your own experiences. 

Together, this is your ultimate guide to become a Love Actually Academy graduate. 

All of that being said… if you’re cozy and you have found comfort in the discomfort of confinement… well, ok. There’s nothing that I can do. But I sure as FUCK am going to try and shake you out of the box because, even if you don’t know it, I know that you deserve more. And I know that RIGHT NOW is your time to have more and be more and expect more and Accept Nothing Less- from others or your self. Let’s Get Started!!!!!

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